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Re: Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2

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Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2



I'm experiencing a very annoying problem with my e7. 


I have a wifi connection with WPA2 in my house. I can connect to it with my device, but once I do something that requires downloading "high" amounts of data (browsing big pages, downloading files, downloading programs on OVI ), the connection is lost and then inmediately restarted; after around 4 seconds, the connection is dropped again and restarted .. and again and again.


So this happens periodically until whatever data has been downloaded completely, since the device is actually able to download data during those ~4 seconds of uptime until it's abruptly lost.


I fixed the problem by making another SSID with WPA1-only enabled, with this authorisation the connection works properly.


Mind you that I've also tried to no avail:

  • Setting wlan-power saving to disabled
  • Updating my e7's software
  • Hard-resetting the phone
  • Positioning the router right next to the phone
  • Setting up the connection through settings-destinations rather than through the WLAN-search option

So, I'm calling out all e7 users to see if:


  1.  I have a defective device
  2.  There is a bug with e7/Symbian3 devices with WPA2
  3.  My router doesn't mix well with my e7


I think it might be 2, since I found this thread where N8 users describe a similar problem:




Sadly, I can't rule out 3 since I don't have another router laying around where I could test another WPA2 connection. But I can assure you that my E52 worked flawlessly before with my actual router.


I highly appreciate any insight regarding this matter, please post if you have any information or have experienced anything similar.





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Re: Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2

This may not be directly related, but i had a ver similar issue with my E71 and my cisco router. I Solved the problem by changing my security settings to wep and not WPA2. to me it seemed like my phone did not like the type of SSID. Could be the same with yours? Sorry i couldnt help any more.
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Re: Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2

Have similar problem. Wireless at home works very slow and after few seconds I start browsing with my E7 my hole home network connection drops.very strange. All other phones nokia and htc I have don't have this problems. I am considering returning my E7 tomorow. I have it 3 days and I couldn't solve the problem

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Re: Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2

Same here. My E7 now sits in a drawer because of this problem. EVERY OTHER smartphone in the house works perfectly with my Virgin Netgear router with default WPA2 encryption.


It's a bug in Nokia's E7 Wi-fi system and it's driving me mad that it hasn't been fixed in Symbian Anna...... 8-(

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Re: Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2

Turn off WPA2 only mode.

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Re: Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2

I had a problem with 802.11N connections on a Mercury router not working on the E7. This seems to have solved it:


Wlan settings: Powersaving mode = disabled

Access point setting: WPA2 mode = enabled, Network security = WPA/WPA2


Now I can download large files without it disconnecting or timing out.

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Re: Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2

Hello all,

I had same problem on my E7+Belle.

I did hard reset (3 button reset). It erased everything except OS.

so, backup your phone - WITHOUT settings and aplication!.

reboot by hard reset. than you need to install all aplication like maps/store etc again. It will take some time, but your wifi will stay connected and you are able to download whatever you want.

good luck


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Re: Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2

if you have Wi-Fi connection then you will connect your mobile. there are two conditions;
first if you put your Wi-Fi at secure mode or WPA then you will need password which you will put in Wi-Fi.
second you will put Wi-Fi at open mode then you will connect easily but any one can access your Wi-Fi.
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Re: Nokia e7 drops wifi with WPA2

yes, you're  right.

there's no way how to fix it on your phone. you'll need to set up easier security type on your wifi router. 

E7 is not able to keep good connection with  WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK2.

good luck