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Once upon a time there was E7 & E6 bussiness Phone...

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Once upon a time there was E7 & E6 bussiness Phones.....!!!!!

Till today I was Nokia loyal despite all their recent foolish decisions. But at last I gave up when they introduced Belle.

I was very excited and happy that finally Nokia is upgrading its systems. But my happiness was short lived. I upgraded my new E7 and E6 from Anna to Belle and loo... my excitment vanished away. My lovely E7 bussiness phone was converted to some cheap/crude China made phone. Hardware wise it is okay but the horrible software????

I cannot just figure out whether it is upgrade or a downgrade. Several features not working properly. Battery dies early. I cannot count the losses that Belle has done to my phone. I asked people at Nokia Care, they also agreed that this upgrade is a foolish one and you should not have done it. Now I cannot downgrade to Anna. I request Nokia to do something to make it possible to downgrade from Belle to Anna.

I swear this will be my last Nokia phone if I fail to bring back the original E7.

Bye Nokia, never see you again!!

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Re: Once upon a time there was E7 & E6 bussiness Phones.....!!!!!

Yes, those were the days.. when Nokia made smartphones for people who just used them to get their job done.. not to impress their friens. Reportedly 30% of Nokia support calls are people requesting a downgrade to Anna, especially business users. But there is no indication that Nokia will ever help those users, so basically it is the end of an era and we're left with only Blackberry now (if you don't mind that all your stuff goes through their servers). This is a user-to-user forum and Nokia does not respond to requests to restore Anna. There are ways to do that, readily to be found, but not useful if your phone is still in warranty (will be voided by the procedure) and it can be risky (might brick your phone). On the other hand, one could consider a Belle'd phone as being bricked anyway.. Buying a used E-series with Anna on it may be a better option. I use an old N900 for everything except phonecalls now. Great device, bought new battery for it, super long standby, good web browser, email with folders! Perfect! Except for the phone functionality, it likes to unlock the screen, answer calls and hang them up all in 1 swipe before I get a chance to fish it out of my pocket. Anyway, not much you can do except getting creative and next time think twice before opting for Nokia.
Current N900 and former E6 user regretting Belle upgrade
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Re: Once upon a time there was E7 & E6 bussiness Phones.....!!!!!

I am also not happy with Belle. battery-life, too big widgets and very unstable WIFI. However, I still have faith and love my E6! I hope and believe patches will come for the E6!
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Re: Once upon a time there was E7 & E6 bussiness Phones.....!!!!!

When I bought the E6 few months back I felt I made a smart decision. Since upgrading to Belle yesterday, feeling like holding a piece of expensive junk in my hand.

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