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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my No...

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Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

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Hello every one..


There's always something to rant about so I decided to post here in the hopes that Nokia took notice of what they're also doing very well and build upon that.


1) Nokia N8 size, it's so very well balanced, I can browse, taking pictures and using apps yet doesn't destroy by pocket like most other smart phones do.


2) Camera, whatever else there may be to complain about Nokia you gave me a fully usable camera under most circumstances as such my mind was set on the Nokia N8


3) FM Transmitter and superior Bluetooth, I remember last Christmas, my friend had and his iPhone had a Canon camera with him, I took my pictures on the N8 of course and I played Christmas songs on the radio for every one whilst his iPhone sat there on the table of no use all shiny but untouched. Bluetooth has never sound so good and reached so far as with the 905i from Nokia, space out and chill out.


4) Ruggedness; I've dropped my N8 at least 4 times now and once at an airport on the tiles where I was checking in. The phone actually bounched back into the air like 20 cm and I cought it in the air. I thought, whow, now something went wackidy but to my surprise I couldn't even find a scratch!?


5) The extreme practically of a well balanced device: Here's one that takes a larger view. FM Transmitter, REAL camera and HD movies (Bigscreen!!), corporate and private email and OVI Maps in a nice package that fits into my pocket.

Taking the large view the N8 kicks @zz, yes it lags sometimes and yes iPhone email looks a little nicer and yes Android something etc. BUT no phone out there will allow you to take pictures of your own wedding or any important event in good enough quality except the N8. You can go on a road trip and play your tunes in the car without an adapter and you'll never get lost and you never have to check tourist info again cause the phone has it all!

So I don't care if it lags a little here or there because the N8 has saved me money as I didn't have to upgrade my old Canon but it brought me all the above in a nice little rugged package that looks sleeker and cooler then any other phone out there.


Thanks Nokia, keep up the great work!


PS. My brother dropped an iPhone for an N8, he got fed up forgetting his Olympus at all the important sporting events he's got to attend to.



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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

got to agree.... well done nokia :smileyhappy:

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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

Hi Templar2k,


I agree with you, but how long does your battery last on N8?

Leaving house for work at 10am and at 5pm my phones battery dies :smileysad:


I'm with so can't use 2G network, and have Skype (iSkoot) on 24/7

do read the news, and use e-mail all day.


On the other end, my collegue has got iPhone 4 and her battery lasts the same :smileyhappy:


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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

Just before Christmas I bought an iPhone 4 - yes shush, no, wait. As I run several businesses a lot of my time is spent with people sending me data, emails and text messages. The iPhone 4, I rapidly found out, was little more than a toy whose sole purpose was to get one to buy music and videos from iTunes!. After six weeks I still had not found a way to get the iPhone to do half the things I needed to run my businesses efficiently so I sold it on.

I then bougtht the Nokia N8.00 (significantly cheaper than the iPhone 4) and within 35 minutes of taking it out of the box I had all my business communications up and running and synchronised with my data bases.

My hand grip is not what it used to be and I drop things regularly but the boys at Nokia had even designed in a cut-out for a lanyard! God bless you!

Some presentations that I do require video. I am now using the N8 HDMI connection and an HDMI cable to show the business videos in HD at business meetings direct from the N8 - no having to get the laptop out and struggling to set up the monitor sizes etc.

If you want a phone that realy does business I can, by experience, tell you that the Nokia N8 does more for you than you will ever need.

Absolutely 10/10 is my assessment.

Well done Nokia

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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

Hi. I have to say that for me Symbian is the most powerful and conveniant system. I can make my own menu layout and browse everything fast, all greatly customizable. Please everybody who likes Symbian, support it here!!!
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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

I love my N8,i dont do much techy stuff with it but my battery can last up to 2 days.

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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

You forget the coolest things  :smileyhappy:


1) You can turn on new Nokia N8 and other without SIM :smileyhappy:

2) You can use GPS without any network or Wi-fi and best of all its free :smileyhappy:

3) You have dedicated button to unlock the phone beside other :smileyhappy:

4) Best of all its Nokia :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

Well it's nice to see some positive feedback for a change :smileyhappy: I really think the majority of Nokia users are satisfied, but as you generally get people with problems on forums like this, you tend to get an over exaggerated proportion of people complaints. Well done for the positive post though. :smileywink:

If I have helped at all, a click on the White Star is always appreciated :

you can also help others by marking 'accept as solution:smileyhappy:

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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

[ Edited ]


It's been a while since I have seen so much positivity in one thread

Show your appreciation. Hit that kudos button real hard
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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

I second all that's been said :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

I have used Nokia phones since 1994 with a short migrate to other makes from time to time but I ALWAYS come back to Nokia...the phones are easy to use......easy to navigate.


I now have a Nokia N8 and absolutely LOVE it...I have had only one problem (can't use phone when charging from standard outlet (bottom of phone)...using micro USB and PC USB all is fine).


Before I purchased my N8 I was talked into buying a Sony Experia 10i in the shop mainly by cost (nrly half that of N8) but also cos I was told the N8 had to be online 24/7 to work....well I purchased it on the Sat afternoon and was back in the shop 1st thing Monday to exchange for the N8 and have not looked back.


I have  2 friends with new iphones that they wanted to show off...when they then looked at my N8 they were amazed....and were GUTTED as they are stuck in a 2 yr contract!


Well done Nokia....keep up the good work....publicity wise times may not be good but remember you are the world leader in good quality innovated phones...well made and robust in most situations and do not have to rely on eyecandy to sell actually put meaningful phones at our disposal and your reputation for this is 2nd to none.


Well that's my tuppence worth! :smileyhappy:


















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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

Great to see a positive thread in these forums. So many negative stories in the news about about Nokia its easy to forget what they did so well.


I really enjoyed using my N70s before getting a 5800 and it is such a great phone. Radio, 32gb of music files, good camera, free GPS, internet & emails all in one device...great!


Just recently I updated the firmware and bought a cheap app to give me a Android-like interface. Added the free Symbian Anna Nokia Evolve icons and its like having a whole new phone :smileyhappy:

Great job Nokia.

Now running a 701, beautiful phone to handle and that it has stopped sending my personal information to Nokia via 360Panel [rolls eyes]
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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

So you made a purchase to make your phone look and act like android? And that is a good thing?
This thread feels like a pr piece. I am blown away by how shoddy my N8 is. I came here for the support forums and am still trying to figure out why push is not working. I tried deleting my mailbox to recreate it, but the n8 just gave up. My mailbox is still there.
As for the camera, it's full of noise, and the interface is horrific.. turn off flash, swich on macro, take a pic, and the flash goes off! You have shoose a mode, then turn off flash... unlike most other cameras, the n8 insits you do this in sequencr. After taking a pic, you cannot zoom in to check focus, you have to back out into the photo viewer to zoom to an edge to see how sharp it is... It also frequently crashes.
Don't even get e started on the browser. Yeah, I am seriously disappointed with this device and am annoyed with this head in the sand love fest thread.
Where is Anna? and will it make this phone worth the pretty penny I paid?
Oh, and FWIW, I have no intrerst in Windows Phones. I h8 microsoft almost as much as I hate google. When I bouht this n8, I was looking for an alternative to Apple and Android, I am still waiting.

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Re: Open Letter to Nokia - What I love about my Nokia N8

Also an N8 user. I actually got to play around a bit with the iPhone 4 the day I agree to purchase an N8 for my brother - I won mine from Nokia. iPhone 4 is a great product no doubt. What I like of my N8 is that it's very fluid - I've also experienced the N97 - the N8 works very smoothly. The screen is great - responsive, the hardware allows quite a bit more web browsing capability than my E90 -- with a nice Joikuspot Premium connection (no SIM required). They work fine. Love Pixelpipe & Gravity on any Nokia. Agree with the other points to.

Looking forward to Anna.
Symbian connected me to the world, to my dreams.. Thank-you Nokia
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