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Re: Open letter to Nokia

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

Please stop adding your ad/spyware to our computers without our knowledge or permission.

I'm not a tin hat by any means, but the underhanded installation of an extension in Firefox, and after reading thru install logs, I'm wondering what else you are stealthing in on a software installation. This is no way to do business.

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

I really liked this post and it made me go through my memories.


Dear Nokia,


It all started with the 2110. My father had it when his friends still had the "suitcase Motorola", you were already advanced. Then I went to University, away from home, and I inherited my fathers 6110 with chameleon front cover. I was the guy on the block... My father upgraded to a 7110 and we were designing logos for it on the PC. My mum got the 8210, the cutest phone ever. Later on I inherited the 8210 and it was almost invisible in my jeans pocket. I loved it. ( we did not wear them around our knees like nowadays). Time went by and new phones came into the family: 6210, 8310, 6510, 6100, 7250i and a lot more. All were small, long battery life, easy typing. Nowadays people do not bother to carry a half brick in their pockets.

Those were the good old nineties, Nokia use to have a lot of shops and we always ended up in them to look at what's new and find out the latest model.

The Company years

After Uni I started to work and I got my first business phone the 6310i. Boy, that was the phone lasted me 10 days before I had to recharge had Bluetooth for my headset and a nice size to even hide it in your suit jacket. I worked my way up and the bigger companies all used Blackberries, the worst phone ever. I still dislike them, awkward, slow, ugly with a useless OS. I succeeded to convince our IT department to get me an E55. I was over the joy after the blackberry years, what a relief.  Than the credit crunch came and mobiles were cut so I got a E63 which was a disappointment. Than I left the company, but that is another story, and now I am on the verge between the N8 and the iPhone.

During these years I got converted in another area. I got a Powerbook which opened my eyes to Apple and than I got an iPod touch, which always comes handy if I don't want to switch on the mac, because it is true "there is an app for everything", to book a hotel, the check in my flight, to check my ebay, to read news, etc. Apple is very smart and builds on an ancient marketing trick: to provide convenience. Easy to switch on (mac's and ipod's are ready to use in seconds whereas a PC boots up for at least five minutes), easy navigation and layout. The apps are the best tools to do what you want to do, no distraction (banners, other text, etc). I can check in my flight in a minute, if I do it through the website maybe a couple more. But even an apple gets outdated so I updated my Powerbook to a MacBook Pro and I am very happy with it.

But this letter is about you Nokia, and I was always loyal to even when I was forced to use Blackberry. 

I will draw a lot of parallel between apple and you but there are things that I think you should consider.

Where are the Nokia shops? There is only one in London. Yeah, I know there is Carphone Warehouse and all the telcos, but let me tell you something they are middleman, distributor, and they will promote in what they believe and on what they have the biggest margin. I went into 3 to buy an N8 the other day, so I said to the gentleman that I would like an N8, in two minutes I had an HTC in one hand and an iPhone in the other, and it wasn't me, it was the sales guy who was calling me "mate", he tried to convince me to forget about the Nokia. So where is your sales team, and your marketing team to show people what a phone is about. I look at my colleagues with they iphones always plugged into their laptop because they do not last a day. My E71 still goes 4-5days. So which is greener, with which phone you can travel light (no worry about chargers for a daytrip). 

Yes, you have to work on the apps and not only on games. You have to win back the business people, make apps for them, let them have the Financial times, thank you for Bloomberg by the way, let them book hotels with big hotel chains, let them have convenience during they business trips. 

Bring back the shops, educate people, a lot of people do not know that you can transfer you music, podcasts even iTunes U to your Nokia. You can synchronise your calendar, you can send text message. My mac and my Nokia are like best friends, work together like a dream when it comes to exchange data. I can use my Nokia as a modem, I don't need a dongle. I also have PC laptop and it works with that as well. The best is that you can build on the infrastructure that Apple created by letting your customers know how to exploit it.

Make your Symbian even better make it for this century, and please do not sell yourself cheap and go with Goodle droid or Microsoft. Be yourself find your own ingenuity, I know you can make it. Make it for us who like comfort and convenience because we are humans but we also like freedom ( unlike the restrictive apple) and a kind of quirkiness which was always present in Nokia. There are some things in a brand that should not die out wherever the brand is in its lifetime.


Well all the best and I hope the new E series will match my dream phone.

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

It's just a phone.
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Re: Open letter to Nokia

Haha, what a fun thread! A great start to it too, very nicely written. I too have renewed my relationship with Nokia with the wonderful and ever-versatile Nokia N900. A true masterpiece and I'm sure it will be my phone for ages (which really translates as probably a year or two). Such a shame Nokia release such great devices then cast them off, cutting services and support as if they're diseased. The N900 is a beauty, but with no voice navigation in Maps and limited Ovi support and apps, I think it's a real shame. 

Nokias: 232, 3210, 3330, 6230, 6101, 6021, 6126, E75, E73, N900, N8, E6, E7, N9. There's a Samsung in there somewhere too, but...we don't talk about that.
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Re: Open letter to Nokia

the saddest thing is that everyone takes it as a joke(only appreciate the emotional side) and totally close their eyes on the fact that Nokia keeps dissapointing users. :smileysad: :crying:

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

Hi All,



Please be informed that constructive criticism of Nokia devices and services is not removed from this forum, which is easy to see simply by browsing the boards. However, please let us all remember that Nokia Support Discussions is a peer-to-peer support forum where users of Nokia products and services can seek solutions to their problems. If somebody bothers to ask a question, one can assume that they are looking for a solution to fix the issue.


If you want to express your dissatisfaction with the issues that you are encountering on your devices, you can use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page and then, select your country in the section "Call or Email Nokia Care.






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Open letter to Nokia

[ Edited ]


First, excuse me about my english. My name is Baluteanu Roland, I`m from Romania and I have a problem about an app. I bought "Master Lock" app from Ovi Store  by credit card, but I don`t have (or received) the license key.Please help me to solve this problem.


Thank you. 


MODERATOR'S NOTE:  We would like to inform you that we have removed your personal details as it is unwise to publish personal details on a public forum.

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

Hi Baluteanu,

please contact Nokia Care in Romania to solve this:

I wrote all my posts from 2005-2011 as an "Admin" for this community. I still work for Nokia as an external consultant, so my rank in all posts is now "Employee".
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Re: Open letter to Nokia

Just read the memo from the new Nokia CEO. Glad to see he recognises the problems Nokia face even if many on these boards do not.


I used to be a massive Nokia fan. Their ergonomics and usability were second to none. It all went wrong when phones got complicated. Symbian represents a watershed for Nokia. This is when they gave up on their strengths - a fantastic intuitive user interface, and started instead to focus on a good looking spec sheet at the price of phones that actually work.


Constructive criticism for Nokia?


Stop cramming technology into phones and just make sure what's already there actually works, out of the box, as expected, and with a minimum of fuss.


After being told by very blinkered fans of Nokia, that each new Nokia was fantastic and wouldn't have the failings of all those that had come before it... only to find it exactly the same in terms of woeful usability and interface, and terrible performance of features such as gps, internet access, ovi and the PC suite, which were all pretty much pointless as they never worked, I will never go back to Nokia. Aside from the high risk of getting another phone that is unusable, I feel they have taken advantage of my goodwill and conned me too many times.


Constructive criticism:


  • Sort out your phones' ergonomics
  • Don't include a feature unless it works
  • Have a support system that is transparent, acknowledges faults and doesn't leave your customers feeling they must face the wrath of your pet fanboys if they come on here as a last resort in order to resolve each and every fault with their phone.



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Re: Open letter to Nokia

I like to think my little "Dear Jane" letter was instrumental in the CEO's decision to acknowledge that Nokia is in trouble and something needs to be done about it :smileywink:


This is a good thing for Nokia and I sincerely hope it listens to its customers and starts to put things right.

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

Very touchy,


Reminds me of the years of my dying love.

With all the same feelings as described by the original writer, my Love started With Nokia 3310 and soon upgraded to a 6220 later upgraded by 6510 followed by 6670. Then came the era of E61i and now the current times of my love life the years of N900.


While being satisfied from all of my previous phones, I loved N900 the most for its hardware and decent enough software keeping in mind that it is a new OS which seems very promising. I think it is the best hardware I ever used which was backed by a very powerful operating system. But then Nokia just stopped taking care of our baby N900. They stopped feeding it with software updates and feature enhancements as promised initially and as one would expect for a flagship device. Lack of support was killing me which I started to think about talking directly with Nokia about this negligence.

These were the times that this was just a one way love all the way through. I never had to be that direct with Nokia for all the previous phones as they pretty much had all what I wanted but now that I want Nokia to stand by me, they are far away from where I stand.

they don't care about how I feel and all they have to say is take it or leave it. We don't care about what you think or feel.

Then came the worst time in our love life when I had to sent my N900 for repairs. Long story short this is the worst Customer Service experience I could have with any company.

I hope Andriod will take better care of me... Future love of my life...

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No silverlight, adobe flash player 10, and tvu player to watch live tv stream

[ Edited ]



I am using E71 and E63 there is no silverlight, adobe flash player 10, and tvu player to watch live tv stream in this nokia phone even other high end nokia phone,  useless, all this software available for  android and i phone,  i am enclosing the stupid answer from nokia after i made some complaint,


Atention all nokia phone user


please press the nokia company to make availabale all those software in all the nokia phone.





Hello Zacharia,

Thank you for contacting Nokia CareLine.

I understand that you want to watch internet live tv stream and hear live radio internet from website.

We appreciate your interest in Nokia products.

We know how important for you to get your issue resolved as soon as possible.

We would like to inform you that there is three applications from there you can view live tv on your device so for download the application kindly follow the below mentioned link:-




From there you can download the software free of cost.

Your case ID#1-11367657095

For further enquiries, please email us or feel free to contact our Technical Support Executives at 30303838 between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm, seven days a week. For online support, visit "Have a question? Ask Nokia" at You may also find answers to your queries at We reassure you of our continuous support.

Thank you for choosing Nokia.



Nokia CareLine  


-----Original Message-----

Sent: 25/12/2010 02:27:14 PM
Subject: WebForm Automated Email

[Email address:]
[First name:]
[Last name:]
[Contact topic:Nokia services and software]
[Contact subtopic:smileysurprised:ther services or software]

[Message:smileytongue:lease develop a software to watch internet live tv stream and hear live radio internet from website.
some website use TVU player, Windows media player, adobe flash player 10 and microsoft silver light,
using this software we can watch in pc. at present real player in nokia e71 not supported the stream.
so please develop the software in symbian os.

i am refering the said website. ((rtm2)
[Phone model:E71]
[Second Phone Number:]
[CPF Or CNJP identifier:]
[Product code:]
[Operating system:]
[Web browser:]
[Online shop order number:]
[Product software version:]
[Maps application version:]
[Navigation licenses purchased:]
[Map data installed:]
[User ID/user name:]
[Service name:]
[Application name:]
[Application version:]
[Connection type:]
[PC Suite/Ovi Suite software version:]
[MS Communicator Mobile version number:]
[Social Networks version number:]


We have edited and remove your personal details. We encourage not to post personal information such as full name, mobile/telephone numbers, IMEI, e-mail address, etc. here in the forum.



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Re: Open letter to Nokia

Hai, You nokia stubrn visit this link you can see people are suffering to watch tv on mobile please make all this software for nokia phone 


TVU player, Windows media player, adobe flash player 10 and microsoft silver light



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Re: Open letter to Nokia

I'm still in love with N8.  It's the mother-in-law, Ovi Suite that is trying to break us up!

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

Great post mate, my feeling exactly but I'm not as eloquent and would never manage to put it into so many words.


I'm on my last Nokia phone, it's not great, it's not even particularly good, it will just have to do the job for another while before I decide what to do next. And it won't be another Nokia, oh no, it will be an iPhone or an Android.


Nokia's gone the way of the Microsoft Windows Mobile and dodo before it. A bird that can't fly and a phone that can't be a phone have more things in common than one would at first think!

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

All of the things the expressmusic 5800 can do- gps, mp3, internet, games-but sadly, it forgets how to be a phone.  I jab at the touchscreen when the phone rings- nothing. I unlock- it rolls widgets at me, may produce one that works.  My single biggest Log category is "missed calls". 

Sadly, the software designers have obviously never called a business that employs a recorded message in which the canned voice directs the caller to "press 1 for...".  Because you can't. The keypad vanishes when the number called begins to ring; there is apparently no way to get to a keypad.  I cannot use my phone 5800 to call the place where I work.     

Perhaps the mistake lies in calling the 5800 a telephone.  This raises the expectation that it will indeed function like a normal phone.  "Smartgadget" instead of "smartphone" ( because it's a pretty dumb phone) would emphasize all those other things- and oh yes- you can use it for some telephone functions.  And it will keep you busy for hours, fiddling with settings in search of a solution - that does not exist.   

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

If only I had done the same thing before I bought the N8.  What a disaster.  Still, at least the phone now matches the Ovi Suite in terms of its complete rubbishness.  There was a while there that the Ovi Suite was completely **bleep** but my N95 was kinda holding its own.  But now with the pairing of Ovi Suite and N8 (oh, and not forgetting the fractured mess that is the Nokia online presence - bad on a computer, even worse on the phone's browser), it really is wall to wall rubbish.


Just for fun, here is but one (of many) examples of utter crapness.  I can't download apps that I have PAID FOR from the app store to my N8.  It refuses.  In fact, it refuses a few times and then decided to try charging me again!  And when I tried to provide feedback about this on the phone's Ovi app, the field in which I was meant to write my feedback didn't allow me to use predictive text.  That's write - I had to type the whole thing by multiple key-presses to get individual letters.  And having done all that, it then hung when trying to send it.  Someone, somewhere doesn't want to know just how bad things are.

Former Nokia enthusiast, now angry, cheated, disrespected, disregarded soon-to-be former customer. Ovi Suite, Ovi Store, the execrable web site and the unreliable N8 have created a perfect storm of cell phone hell.
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Re: Open letter to Nokia


vandelay wrote:



that was the most beautiful - and saddest - post I've read in a long time. I'll make sure people see this.


As an online representative of your former lover, I hope you two will one day meet once again and your love will be renewed. :smileyhappy:


I'd like to think that is possible but Windows on high end devices only?


Would it not be better to run low end stuff on that OS and improve symbian instead?

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Re: Open letter to Nokia

[Quote] The keypad vanishes when the number called begins to ring; there is apparently no way to get to a keypad.[/Quote]


The keypad does not vanish! You can get it back by clicking Dialer button on screen!



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Re: Open letter to Nokia

Nice one lol.
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