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Re: Refresh picture Gallery on NOkia N8

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Refresh picture Gallery on NOkia N8

Hi there,


I have just updated my NOkia N8 to 013.016, all went fine apart from lots of missing pics icons in my pictures' gallery which I cannot delete.

When I select them all and try to delete them I simply get back a "General: System Error" message.


How do I refresh the picture gallery, avoiding a hard reset?




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Re: Refresh picture Gallery on NOkia N8

 First thing to try is a reboot. Hold down the power button for approximately 8 seconds until you feel 3 vibrations. ( This simulates a battery pull ). Then turn phone back on.

If your pictures are stored on a memory card you could try backing up your photos, then re-formatting the memory card and then restoring the pics from the backup.





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Re: Refresh picture Gallery on NOkia N8

Exact same problem here after update to 013.016. Unfortunately rebooting did not help and pics are stored on phone memory.

Any other idea?
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Re: Refresh picture Gallery on NOkia N8

Try using something like XPlore symbian to find the files and delete from there, or you could try connecting in mass storage mode and defragment and check for errors with the options on Windows, it will show as E mass memory in 'my computer'

Good Luck

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Re: Refresh picture Gallery on NOkia N8

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Similar problem.


N8 started hanging, soft resets did not help. After the 3-4 finger reset and after installing qt and ovi store and using the backup file everything is ok otherwise, but I have about 100 empty thumbnails in my photogallery. 


The original images were in the cf-card, but if I remember correctly I deleted the images after I had made the latest backup. I could delete the folder(s), but still the thumbnails are there. 8 second power off and restoring original settings did not help either.


It seems that there is somewhere a database or index file of the images, I would like to delete that but don't know how. I do not want to format the card because of the other work related files on the card (and probably it would not help since the folders are not there enymore). Any ideas?


And btw: getting ovi store back was really a hard job, try to avoid the 3 finger reset, there is a reason why it is not recommended.



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Re: Refresh picture Gallery on NOkia N8

hi i bowt a bigger sd card nd moved all music,videos nd pics 2 da sd card thn my gallery refreshed bt der is no pics in da gallery,thn i moved it bak 2 e:mass from folder 2 folder nd whn i wnna add 2 an album i gt da 'General System Error' msg...n8 user
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Re: Refresh picture Gallery on NOkia N8

i have tried that hard reset so many times it does not work,if i want to send a pic or vid i have to go to file manager then e:drive then video and look for what i want to send and then send that way.when in photo gallery the all photo's album is empty and no way of adding media to the album.the favorite album give the add but does not go to any folder to add photos...:angry::angry::angry:....then you get that annoying (GENERAL SYSTEM ERROR)message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!