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Re: Retrieving Lost Phone Data N97 Mini

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Retrieving Lost Phone Data N97 Mini

Hi all,

This is my last resort before i give up and return the phone to Virgin Mdia for a replacement and finally accept my phone data is lost forever so any help/advice greatly appreciated.


First of all, as everyone i have asked has told me, i know i was a fool for not backing the data up beforehand but i didnt and i cant undo that. I am an idiot i know.


Here is what happened.

I have used the Nokia Software Updater once before without any issues to rectify the intermittent ringtone problem, i did not lose any data from my phone when i did this.

Recently i was having problems with photos, when taking a new photo they were not displayed in the folder and when trying to delete photos i was getting an error message which read "General Error" until i turned the phone off and then on again and hey presto photo was in correct folder and photo was deleted so i decided to use the NSU to see if it would resolve this issue also.

Plugged in the phone to the laptop and initiated the update and it seemed to fail half way through for some unknown reason.

When i unplugged the phone as nothing was happening with the update anymore it would not switch on and hasnt since then meaning i cannot access the data on the phone.

I have spoke to a few companies who have said they can fix the phone by reinstalling the software but this will definately delete any data on there.

The problem is i couldnt care less about the phone (its under warranty with Virgin so i can get it replaced no problem) but i have stored on there 6 months worth of precious photos and videos of my baby boy and im devestated that they have been lost.


Does anyone know of anything i can do to get the photos back?


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Re: Retrieving Lost Phone Data N97 Mini

Whereas any company would have to make disclaimer about data loss, your media is stored in the mass memory E:\. If it is simply a matter of restoring the device firmware AFAIK that can be re-flashed without affecting this, as only on C:\Drive would data be erased.


Quite often media is included with new device pre-installed on mass memory which can be restored at Nokia Care Point returning it to "Out of the box" state, but you would obviously be prepared to forego this in the circumstances if it meant conserving your stored media.


I certainly don't want to raise your hopes only for them to be dashed and hope that someone with enough technical expertise can give you a definitive answer here.


You might want to check for PM - little yellow envelope top right of screen.

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