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Sending Multiple message Troubles with operating m...

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Sending Multiple message Troubles with operating mobile.Nokia C6-00

Hi I didn't Expect this will become a big issue,


I have my new nokia C6-00

I used to msg regularly,

When I'm sending Group of messages, I'm having trouble with operating the mobile,


This problem seems to be funny but if you face it, it will be trouble some.


While sending a message obviously you will receive ack from operator with Balance Details.


If I used to send Group of message this Operator ACK(Msg balance) for Every msg coming as flash msg and troubling while doing another operation,



Nokia has to consider this application Mistake  and take this as a BUG,


BCOZ while sending Group msg u can't operate mobile u have to wait for whole msg to be sent and finally close the operator notice (CALL,MSG cost Balance).


Pls consider this as a BUG for next firmware


its like Polling not like interrupt.

While sending  msg

Mobile operating like polling processor(not technically but seems to be)


Pls add some option to avoid this continuous notice from operator.


I hope I will receive +Ve msg from Nokia For this,:smileyvery-happy:



if nokia CEO used to send the group msg and do another operation at the second window he/she will feel the same ,

May be he throw his mobile if he/she is short-tempered:smileymad::smileymad::smileymad::smileyvery-happy::smileytongue::smileywink:





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Re: Sending Multiple message Troubles with operating mobile.Nokia C6-00

you need to contact your provider and ask them to turn off balance alerts its nothing to do with the phone.

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Re: Sending Multiple message Troubles with operating mobile.Nokia C6-00

How this could be a wise option.

we need to be noticed when we r sending msgs,


there supposed to be a control on our hand.



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