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Some Questions On Nokia E7 ..Need Help :D

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Some Questions On Nokia E7 ..Need Help :D

Name : Faris Jayyousi

Age : 17

I live in Palestine

Languages : Arabic + English + French (a little)                  

Nokia Device : Nokia E7 (with symbian anna 24.1)

Product code : 059c9g7

Type : RM-626

Color : Dark Grey

Regestiration Date : Today (28/12/2011)                             


And now to the questions ..

First: Why My Nokia E7 Doesn't find any updates . I mean that i can't update my E7 via ota :smileysad:

Explanation: I bought nokia e7 with symbian 3 . then i searched for symbian anna via *#0000# and "no updates avaible" but the problem is that my brother has nokia c7 and he successfully updated it to symbian anna. So, i went to nokia care and updated it to symbian anna.

Second: My second question is: if i try updating my e7 via ovi suite to symbian anna version 25 not 24 (as the current version) will i lose my arabic language in the phone.

Explanation: here in palesine, people told me that when i update nokia e7 via PC, i will lose the arabic language and the phone's language will become only english. Is that true ?????

Third: When will symbian belle be released ?? If it is realeased in February 2012, i think i can't update it cuz of the issue in question 1 and 2 .. ... .... ... SO ANY HELP ???????

PS: Sorry for my bad English .. And answer my questions quickly plz plz :smileyhappy:

--------------------------- FARIS Jayyousi -----------------------------
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Re: Some Questions On Nokia E7 ..Need Help :D

Updates vary be region and product code this is why you cant get the update,belle will be availble next year as already mentioned.again the same instance will apply as to when you can update.
You should not loose arabic when updating.

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Re: Some Questions On Nokia E7 ..Need Help :D

i lost arabic language when i update my e7 with nokia belle how can i fix it ? Can you help me please
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Re: Some Questions On Nokia E7 ..Need Help :D

Hi nidr991


Welcome to the forum!


The Arabic language didn't come with your phone as standard. It will be removed from your phone after a firmware update. You need to take your phone to a care point and get the correct language package installed. Please note that there may be a charge for any services rendered.


Your nearest care point can be found from here.


I hope this answer your question and don't hesitate to contact us for more feedback.




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