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Re: Time to change loyalties - Bye Bye Nokia....??...

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Time to change loyalties - Bye Bye Nokia....???

I have been a Nokia loyalist since my first phone in 2005. And in spite of the awesome android and the amazing iPhone, I still went ahead and bought a Nokia 701 with all hopes that Nokia was back with a bang with Belle. However, its been six months and I'm facing lots of issues with this phone which seem to outweigh the pros.

1) Still a limited number of apps on Nokia Store. Envy all of my frens who invariably have android.

2) Absence of animated wallpaper.

3) In the previos Symbian S60 V5 (Nokia X6), I could customize the label in a contact which may have multiple numbers (a simple thing but very good for organizing). Lacks in Belle.

4) Cant edit song details and album cover like in X6

5) EDoF concept in cameras takes pathetic photos.

6) Apps like Whatsapp have more features in Android than in Belle.

7) The wifi access point always goes in uncategorised folder (dunno why)

8) Mail is not working after I installed MIcrosoft Apps 2.0

9) Week view missing in calendar

10) Nokia store is too bland and browsing for apps is boring.

11) Nokia Drop doesnt connect

12) Battery back up has reduced after FP1

13) After I use custom wallpaper for one of the screens and leave the others as default, then they go all black instead of the default theme wallpaper.

14) Phone hangs a lot even with limited number of apps.

15) Gallery UI is boring with pictures just in squares. Need the Nseries type of gallery which was awesome.

16) Many a times, Nokia store app in my phone doesnt detect the updates to apps and I miss out on updating my apps.

17) Profiles view missing in power button

18) Theme effects option removed.

19) Dust particles somehow make a way inside my screen. Can be seen prominently in a white background.

20) Nokia social is not user friendly. eg  in facebook, when I select one of the notifications (say, XYZ has uploaded a pic; naturally I wud select it from notifications) it says "No action available".


Apart from these, a few more things I believe Nokia is doing wrong.

1) Announcing a phone in February and launching it in June. Thats hilarious. Samsung was quick to launch Galaxy s3 after announcing.

2) Instead of developing Symbian and making it on par with Android, Nokia is dependant on third party ( Windows) for its survival. Dunno why.


I sincerely hope Nokia takes all my comments in a good faith and implements them. They are just an outrage from a Nokia fan who has loved Nokia since long and fought with his friends too on why he choose Nokia again. Hope Nokia doesnt let the remaining loyalties die away.


Nokia 701 Belle FP1