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Tutorial on key combo for N97 Hard Reset.

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Tutorial on key combo for N97 Hard Reset.

Press Shift, Space, Backspace(Delete) and On Key Simultaneously. You will know that it has worked when you will see the screen to select country of origin. Cheers !




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Re: Tutorial on key combo for N97 Hard Reset.

It really works for me............thnx
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Re: Tutorial on key combo for N97 Hard Reset.

it didn't work for me.. any other suggestions?

I can only see the lil' white light next to the plug in charger when I charge it using the USB. (lost my wall charger). Aprox after 10 min of charge , the phone turns on, but it does not goes beyonbd the nokia logo. 

I cannot even see the battery bar indicating that the phone is being charged.



pls help, I dont want to send it to nokia repair center, as I am afraid of loosing all my information and all the gamas and apps that I bought from the OVI Store, Which I am certain Nokia will not give me refund for that :smileyfrustrated:




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Re: Tutorial on key combo for N97 Hard Reset.


from the above mentioned steps the phone works fine but all the contacts and message are gone :smileysad:

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Re: Tutorial on key combo for N97 Hard Reset.

you must backup your phone before hard reset as hard reset WIPES all your data .... i don't know how he forgot to mention this !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Tutorial on key combo for N97 Hard Reset.

This has been posted probably at least a couple of thousand times on these boards. Totally pointless.
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