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VERY DISAPOINTED 9300i lacking features eg organis...

New Member
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VERY DISAPOINTED 9300i lacking features eg organiser, calculater

I have just go a nokia 9300i (software version V 05.50 (00) 16-12-2005 RA8) VERY DISAPOINTED it is lacking feature that I am used to on other more basic nokias

auto keyboard lock - stops unwanted calls

organsier to make schedule or meeting call back select a name name & number from my sim card or contacts. This would enable scheduling of meeting, calls etc easier.

simple calculator on phone part

memory option to use phone & sim

call register to delete numbers from dialed and received.
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Mobile Visionary
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Re: VERY DISAPOINTED 9300i lacking features eg organiser, calculater

hmm, did you try the calendar on this phone? it has quite a good array of features for this... when coupled with blackberry its very useful.

you might want to consider switching to the e61, it has all the features of the 9300i - but you might be more comfortable with it.
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Re: VERY DISAPOINTED 9300i lacking features eg organiser, calculater

Dear Sister Bliss Thanks for your reply it is very kind of you.

Yes the calendar is there but I am used to a normal nokia allowing you to access the contact on the sim card to automatically insert the name and numbers. This way by adding a date and time the phone reminds you to call at an agreed time.

1 Do you know of a way where you can insert contact name from the sim card or any other part of the nokia 9300i?

As you seem to be an expert on nokia please allow me to ask more questions.
2 Do you know of any way to add additional features eg
3 a simple calcultor on the front part?
automatic keyboard lock?
4 memory option to use phone & sim?
5 in call register to delete selective numbers from dialed and received?
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Mobile Guru
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Re: VERY DISAPOINTED 9300i lacking features eg organiser, calculater

i used to use the 9300, pretty much identical apart from wlan, so maybe i can help.

the sim memory is available from the contacts menu, just click it to open it. attaching to the calendar is done if the contact has an email address - you cant store that info on the sim so you cant do this

you cannot add applications to the front part at all. only the pda side.

the memory option i mention above, note that the phone will always default to its own memory - its designed that way

you cant selectively delete things from the call registry, it gives you totals etc based on your calls. beleive me when i say to you its better this way, especially when you need to total up you call times at the end of the month.
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Re: VERY DISAPOINTED 9300i lacking features eg organiser, calculater

Skiandboard - does that answer all your questions or was there anything else?
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