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What is the best Nokia for dictator recording, har...

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What is the best Nokia for dictator recording, hardware wise eg speaker and mic?

hi im looking for an upgrade to replace my ageing N70, its so superb at voice recording, i bought the psolic extended recorder and personally use it as a dictator phone. Thing is, im looking to upgrade soon and i wanted a better or equally superior phone than this.

I tried the N73 but the recording quality and playback was bad compared to my n70.

I need suggestions on a good nokia, one with normal buttons (not thin like n82), reasonable camera (2 or 3.2mp, dont mind 5mp), and good battery life.

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Re: What is the best Nokia for dictator recording, hardware wise eg speaker and mic?

I'd suggest the N95 with the following caveat: you might be disappointed with battery life.

The built-in voice recorder will record in AMR-NB (low quality) or WAV (mono, 16-bit, 8KHz sampling rate), either of which is fine for a dictaphone but the WAV quality is indeed much better. Another advantage of using WAV format is that it'll record for an hour (with no extra software) instead of only a minute.

There's a 5MP camera, so it ticks that box.

About battery life - there are many things you can do to improve it such as switch off UMTS if you don't need it, make sure WLAN scanning and Bluetooth are off if you don't need them, set a short timeout for the backlighting etc. You can probably get 2 days out of a battery if you don't do any heavy duty stuff like video playback and recording, taking loads of pictures etc. You're obviously going to be playing with your new toy for a while after you've acquired it, and a new battery requires a few charge/discharge cycles before it reaches optimal capacity anyway, so don't be put off by the frequency with which you'll need to charge it initially.

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Re: What is the best Nokia for dictator recording, hardware wise eg speaker and mic?

i would suggest the E90, coz it has a dedicated recording button and the battery life is outstanding, you might want to look at E71 as well...
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