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can 701 run android apps?

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Accepted Solution

can 701 run android apps?

i've heard about a software called Alien dalvik, that emulates android apps so that they can be run on other devices.

Can the nokia belle 701 do this as well? 



BTW - does anyone know when the FB1 will be available for Nokia 701 bought in Israel from Eurocom, the company that represents Nokia in Israel? (meaning it isnt bought from carrier so there is no attachment to carriers ) Or even when globally?

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Re: can 701 run android apps?


Hello @unger123,


The Nokia 701 to run android apps, it's not possible, not even with some special app.

On the other hand there for sure are many apps developed to different OSs like

Symbian, WIndows Phone, iOS and android.


For the future updates all we can do is wait and see.



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Re: can 701 run android apps?

Hi Unger, about your question on FP1 updates, looking at the pattern it might take 1-2 months for network-custom firmwares to be available. Cheers
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Re: can 701 run android apps?


Nokia 701 runs Symbian, so it is imposible to instal Android apps. Unfortunately Nokia 701 doesn't release in my country.
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Re: can 701 run android apps?

dude Nokia 701 has a 1Ghz procesor and it can run Android apps even Android if there were Android fo Nokia phones...but sadly nope...There are some phones with 600Mhz procesor who run Nokia 701 with 1Ghz procesor can run Android apps and Android OS without problem...
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Re: can 701 run android apps?

CPU is not anything. Even if a feature phone clocked at 2 GHz, it still won't works well if the software is not optimized or the lack of GPU. As an example, the Nokia 500 seems to hang a lot. This is because it has the very basic GPU. Compared to the Nokia 603, the 603 runs much faster and smoother than the 500.

GPU matters the most for gaming and hardware accelaration.
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Re: can 701 run android apps?

hardware wise, 701 could run them but its symbian
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