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Re: nokia 5800 express music a really failure........

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nokia 5800 express music a really failure..........?

hai everybody i may have said something right...

dont be shocked. i concluded after having seen same problems in 4 5800 mobiles. and also a 5230 mobile. the mobile strucks frequently(even though all the available updates are been made).

 i was shocked when my mobile was struck it had no programs running and i tried to enter the contacts and no response from my mobile. i bought it 4 months earlier.

i came to know the same problems have happened to my brother who has purchased a month earlier.

 the phone also has a biggest problem in the future(after the warranty period) the phone display and touch pad are mostly not functioning properly.

i have seen the same problem in 5230 even

the only thing u can do to solve the problem temporarily  is to replace ur battery

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Re: nokia 5800 express music a really failure..........?


Must be a different 5800 to my superb phone


Though you must be right four phones out of a million and a half sold .



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Re: nokia 5800 express music a really failure..........?


jjegan wrote:


Must be a different 5800 to my superb phone



Agreed. Just updated to v50 OTA and it went superbly with no glitches at all. Only thing that needed doing was to refresh music library - and now some of the album art is fuzzy since it blows the pics up to fill the screen unlike before.


Mind you, v30 (2 updates ago) DID keep crashing (striking??) my phone all the time I had it, so it's possible if the OP is in a zone still on v30 he may have the same problems

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