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Re: How much does a Nokia X7-00 touch panel cost?

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How much does a Nokia X7-00 touch panel cost?

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Some parts of my Nokia X7's screen (exit option, 0 and * on the 4x3 keypad) would not respond to my touch and thus I took it to Nokia Care yesterday (4/01/2013). They said that the touch panel had to be changed and charged Rs. 4290 (with service charge and tax). Is it the right price or did they cheat me?


They reason for my doubt is because I dropped my phone last year in Jan and the display went blue. I paid Rs. 4730 for a new display at another Nokia Care store.


Is it that the X7-00 display and touch panel are about the same price?



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Re: How much does a Nokia X7-00 touch panel cost?

Can't provide the exact price of spares and the service charges (+ tax if any) as it will vary according to region. You may enquire at other Nokia Care for the current issue to clear your doubts..

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