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Re: Nokia X2 - How to disable media buttons?

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Nokia X2 - How to disable media buttons?

Hello there,


Is there any way of disabling the media buttons on the side? (play/pause, previous, next)

Or to set them to operate only with long press.

Or to set them to trigger something rather harmeless.


My father doesn't use them that much.

Besides, he finds himself pressing them too easily and oops there it goes the radio blasting through the loudspeaker.


This doesn't seem to be covered in the manual.



Thank you in advance for your time.

Best regards,


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Re: Nokia X2 - How to disable media buttons?

As far as I know, the media shortcuts cannot be changed. The X2 is an xpressmusic device, and was designed primarily as a music playing phone, featuring these buttons as one touch access to the music player. These are sort of a feature set of most xpressmusic phones and thus cannot be changed.
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Re: Nokia X2 - How to disable media buttons?

I have the exact same problem...

the X-press buttons are badly placed & activated every time i touch my phone...

NOKIA could have atleast added a "DEACTIVATE" function in the software.

BUT -  on the bright side >>  i have a solution  ((well, kinda))

press the  "PLAY"  button & when the radio turns on, press the  "Volume Down"  button on the other side of the phone until it's at a minimum...

now turn off the radio again by pressing the  "PLAY"  button again.

** in future when Your dad accidently activates the radio, atleast the volume is minimal (or muted)

I Hope You get this reply before Your dad gets tempted to throw the phone against a wall.

(('coz thàt's what i felt like doing before i figured'out this tip)) 


*** GooD Luck !!!  :smileywink:

& NOKIA, wake up !!! :cursing:


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Re: Nokia X2 - How to disable media buttons?

Hi. Does this alter the volume when taking a call as well as the Radio?
I'm really frustrated by the radio coming on even when it's in my pocket & untouched. Crazy no de-activate
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